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Position: Hedge Fund Junior Data Analyst
Job Number: MS04038
Location: NY - New York City
Date Posted: 2019-06-19
Salary Range: $101-125k
Job Summary:

The junior data analyst will report directly to the Controller within the accounting group and will work closely with the technology, accounting and investor relations groups. The objective of the role is to improve the level of quality, completeness and consistency of data stored in the Firm’s universe and help provide better information to various users across the organization, including marketing, portfolio management and risk management.

Company Information:

Name: Premier Hedge Fund

Job Description:

Specific areas in which the employee will likely be involved:

1)       Take inventory of all pieces of portfolio data reported in each of the Reporting Apps / Portfolio Management Tools

2)       For each metric, develop and document an understanding of the following:

a.        Data sources

b.       How exceptions are handled

c.        Working with Technology group to interpret logic embedded in legacy code

3)       Create a system for tracking the output of key risk/portfolio characteristic data stored in our databases and/or that appear in our reporting systems

4)       Working with members of accounting to create manual and automated review processes of the raw data as well as the output in our reporting suite. For example:

a.        Develop tolerance thresholds for day on day changes in risk measures

b.       Develop exception reports for missing reference data.

c.        Create reports that return “null” or “unmapped” values

d.       Review output in risk and attribution systems for reasonableness and communicate known issues to users at beginning of trading day.

e.       Review output of portfolio investment guidelines for accuracy and completeness of data.

5)       Working with Technology and business users to develop reporting specifications and work with Technology to implement new reporting features across all applications while ensuring consistency and seamless integration to the user base.

Requirements / Qualifications:

The ideal candidate will have under 2 years of experience at an accounting firm, consulting firm, investment bank, administrator or other data service provider. Undergraduate applicants may be considered as well.

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