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Position: Regulatory Reporting - Associate
Job Number: MS03481
Location: NY - New York City
Date Posted: 2017-11-10
Salary Range: $81-100k $101-125k
Job Summary:

Join the growing Regulatory Reporting Group at Global Investment Bank!

Company Information:

Name: Leading Investment Bank

Job Description:

·Manage the preparation of the Intermediate Holding Bank (IHC) and subsidiaries (FR Y-9C, FFIEC 009, FR Y-11, FR 2314) to the Federal Reserve Bank

·Manage, review in the preparation of the Intermediate Holding Bank (IHC) and subsidiaries CCAR Fixed Form filings (FR Y-14A, FR Y-14Q and FR Y-14M) to the Federal Reserve Bank

·Assist in the remaining development of the business architecture required to support the CCAR process across the IHC.

·Manage the detailed data gap assessment to support CCAR processing and FR Y-14 reporting.

·Manage the data aggregation across various infrastructure areas within the IHC (i.e. Front Office, Legal Entity Control, Product Control, Risk, Treasury) 

·The team is responsible for the regulatory compliance with relevant regulations, and provides detailed analysis of the data contained within the filings as well as trend comparisons from period-to-period.  The team ensures that there is internal Regulatory data integrity and monitors the compliance with internal and external regulatory limits and thresholds.

Requirements / Qualifications:

·         Experience preparing, reviewing and submitting various reg filings 

·         Experience in investment banking products including complex investments 

·         Experience in previous implementation of CCAR/DFAST process beneficial 

·         Strong communications skills 

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