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Position: Analyst, AVP- Corporate Treasury
Job Number: MS02608
Location: NY - New York City
Date Posted: 2017-11-30
Salary Range: $81-100k
Job Summary:

Leading Investment Bank seeking Analyst, Associate- Corporate Treasury.

Company Information:

Name: Leading Investment Bank

Job Description:

• Develop and implement global and regional liquidity risk management and funding policies
• Produce key risk management metrics that are used to manage day-to-day risks
• Monitor liquidity risks relating to the firm’s business activities, including trading, financing, and operational activities
• Develop and implement liquidity and capital stress testing models
• Size and manage the firm's liquidity pool

• Manage various secured and unsecured funding programs, such as repo funding, term bonds, and bank deposits, in partnership with the Securities Division
• Manage and optimize firm / customer inventory and derivatives collateral
• Optimize the level and composition of the firm’s capital base relative to its risk profile
• Analyze new business initiatives and products to assess their liquidity risks and funding and capital requirements
• Interpret and respond to new regulations that have an impact on liquidity, funding and/or capital
• Create presentations related to liquidity, funding and capital for discussion with Board of Directors, senior management, counterparties/clients, ratings agencies and regulators

Requirements / Qualifications:

• Ability to work on multiple projects with a high attention to detail
• Ability to analyze, evaluate and form independent judgments
• Strong quantitative skills (for example, relevant degree or experience)
• Ability to interact with and build relationships with people from different departments and levels of seniority
• Experience in a relevant field (for example, Risk Management, Funding, Corporate Finance, Capital Markets) a plus
• 2+ years of experience

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