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Position: Investor Services Analyst
Job Number: MS04909
Location: NY - New York City
Date Posted: 2019-04-29
Salary Range: $81-100k
Job Summary:

Top global Asset Manager seeking Investor Services Analyst in the HF space

Company Information:

Name: Leading Investment Bank

Job Description:

·         responding to an array of client inquires on their hedge fund investments; enhanced analytics on client and prospect hedge fund portfolios

·         analyzing data from underlying hedge fund managers including underlying positions, exposure information and performance attribution

·         assisting in the preparation of materials for the investment committee

·         maintaining and creating marketing materials

·         producing customized presentations

·         managing the Request for Proposal process (assisting in completion of RFP’s where appropriate)

·         overseeing and completing client reporting for commingled funds, customized accounts, and specialty funds

·         consultant relationship support (including consultant databases, consultant questionnaires and ad hoc consultant requests)

Requirements / Qualifications:

Technical Skill

·         Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel

·         Proven mastery of basic functions of task related software (Microsoft Word/PowerPoint, Adobe)

·         Demonstrated understanding of and ability to calculate and interpret various hedge fund quantitative metrics (return calculations, leverage/risk calculations, performance metrics, liquidity)

Role-related Knowledge

·         Good knowledge of markets, securities and investment strategies, including an understanding of hedge fund strategies, fund structures and proprietary products and business lines

·         Demonstrated understanding of firm capabilities based on process/information limitations and compliance restrictions

·         Ability to creatively source and use various information required to meet responsibilities


·         Meticulous attention to detail – output is consistently accurate, thorough and completed within prescribed deadlines, meeting necessary requirements

·         Ability to identify areas of risk and inefficiency in processes and raises them with management  

·         Proactive and forward thinking


·         Excellent analytical and communication skills

·         Ability to work closely and interact with senior management

·         Accountable for their work and receptive to constructive feedback

·         Able to multi-task and effectively manage their own time

·         Is a collaborative team player, always willing to assist colleagues and approaches all tasks with a positive attitude

·         Builds relationships around the firm

Candidates should also have 1- 2 years’ experience in the finance industry and an undergraduate degree is required.

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